• Nine Working Groups formed for Parliaments in the Pandemic (PiP)
    Posted 8th August 2022 In-depth analysis in the international collaboration on “Parliaments in the Pandemic” is starting now. Based on the expert panel survey (comprising 380 questions), researchers will now analyse how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected parliaments. Nine Working Groups have been installed for the analysis. To find out more, please see here.
  • Call for Papers: IPSA RC08 & RC13 Conference Within Conference
    IPSA RC08 & RC13 Conference Within Conference in collaboration with the Southern Political Science Association 11-14 January 2023, St. Beach, Florida, USA Posted 16th May 2022 RC08 (Legislative Specialists) and RC 13 (Democratization in Comparative Perspective) are collaborating on organizing a conference to bring together academics and practitioners from around the world to discuss topics […]
  • Call for Papers: Parliaments in Pandemics International Workshop
    Parliaments in Pandemics International Workshop 26-27 May 2022, Prague and Online Posted 6th April 2022 During the Covid-19 pandemic, democracy worldwide continued to deteriorate. As established and new democracies faced unprecedented challenges to public health and the economy, their democratic quality declined. While established democracies could largely prevent pandemic erosion of democratic quality, democracies in […]
  • Call for Papers: Parliaments in Crises – Crises in Parliaments International Workshop
    Parliaments in Crises – Crises in Parliaments International Workshop 6-7 October 2022 Taipei, Taiwan The world has faced major global crises during the last years that cut across the borders of nation states: the financial and the climate crises, the Covid-19 pandemic and most recently the war on Ukraine. These situations are often understood as […]
  • Call for Papers: ECPR Parliaments Conference
    7th Conference of the ECPR Standing Group on Parliaments 30 June-2 July 2022 Paris The Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics at Sciences Po in Paris will host the 7th conference of the Standing Group on Parliaments of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR). This is an inspiring, focused and extremely useful conference […]