Call for Papers: RCLS at the 27th IPSA World Congress

Posted 14 November 2022

Legislatures in a Changing World of Crises

for the 27th IPSA World Congress “Politics in the Age of Transboundary Crises”, to be held in Buenos Aires, 15-19 July 2023

Legislatures around the world have been challenged by external and internal shocks. Those included – but were not limited to – the erosion of public trust, a decline of parliamentary influence in some systems and democratic backsliding, populism in power, and the challenges of digitalization. Political systems and parliaments within them additionally face multiple transboundary crises: migration, finance, pandemics, energy security, and the war on the European continent. As long-existing and developing institutions, legislatures follow established routines in their work, but they also adapt to new situations.

For the upcoming 27th IPSA World Congress, the “Research Committee of Legislative Specialists” (RC08) invites scholars to propose papers addressing traditional issues of parliamentary research, for example, on parliamentary organization and committees, legislative activity, parliamentary-executive relations, second chambers, parliamentary engagement, and outreach. We also specifically seek papers on novel developments as they are related to parliaments: transboundary crises, populism, security issues, and digitalization.

All individual paper proposals are welcome; you may also propose a paper for one of the open panels: “Parliaments and Crises Around the Globe”, “The Functioning and Functions of Parliamentary Party Groups”, “Holding Executives Accountable” and “Second Chambers in Changing Times”. We also invite the submission of closed panels consisting of 4 to 6 papers.

The Call for Papers is open from November 15, 2022, to January 18, 2023. Please submit your proposal via the IPSA website, checking the box for Session “RC08 Legislative Specialists“. No conference registration is required to submit a proposal; you just need to set up an IPSA account (free of charge). Acceptance notifications will be sent via email by March 8, 2023. Conference registration will start March 8, 2023, and run until May 10, 2023. Both in-person and online panels will be hosted, but no hybrid panels will be possible.

We would also like to draw your attention to the panel on “Parliamentary and Diaspora Diplomacy in Conflict Settings” organized by GS04.

If there are any questions or suggestions, please get in touch with the RC08 Research Director, Petra Guasti:

You can download a pdf of this CfP below.

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